Since its establishment in 2002, the international university UNESCO UNITWIN Network “Culture, Tourism, Development” has been working with its members – highly profiled researchers and professors – towards the goal of how tourism can coexist with, protect and sustainably enhance the outstanding value of the heritage belonging to all of humanity.

With almost twenty years of expertise in the fields of culture, tourism and development as well as its contributions in the research of tourism studies, the Network wants to share its knowledge in a spirit of solidarity among universities, decision makers, non-governmental organizations, civil society and the private sector. In 2018, with the release of the first volume of the online course “Tourism Management at UNESCO World Heritage Sites” (7’700+ learners from 168 countries), they did so in the freely accessible form of a Massive Open Online Course. One year later, the second volume was released (4’100+ learners from 153 countries).

For 2021, the MOOC series “Tourism Management at UNESCO World Heritage Sites” is releasing its third volume. It is a new course providing new insights and numerous case studies from all around the world in all of its six chapters (see “Course Schedule”).


Course Schedule

  • Week 1 : The 1972 and 2003 UNESCO Conventions and the Concept of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV)
  • Week 2 : UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Site Management Systems
  • Week 3 : Local Communities’ Involvement and Sustainable Tourism
  • Week 4 : Marketing
  • Week 5 : Interpretation. Stories and Memories
  • Week 6 : Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Orchestrating Them for Heritage Tourism

End of Registration

dec 31 2022

Classes Start

may 24 2021

Classes End

dec 31 2022

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