Who is administrating the Heritage Research hub?

The Secretariat of the JPI on Cultural Heritage (JPI CH ) administrates the Heritage Research Hub). Our team tries to upload content relevant to the heritage research community as often as possible. Contents submitted by contributors are usually reviewed and posted live within two working days.


What type of content can I share on the hub?

You can share :

All you have to do is to create your account on the hub, fill in the form(s) and submit your content(s) to the administrator for approval.


Can I share contents from projects or organisations that are not related to the JPI CH?

Yes. Although the Heritage Research Hub is run by the JPI CH and promotes its activities, it has been conceived as a communication platform for all stakeholders involved in or with cultural heritage research. Any content valuable to the heritage research community can be added on the hub.


I am having issues creating my account.

Our registration form requires users to set strong passwords. Please try to enter a stronger password. If this still does not work, please contact us.


Can several people from the same organisation/project have individual accounts?

Yes. Yet, to help us identify the people who are affiliated to an organisation/project and who are entitled to post on behalf of this organisation/project, please tick ‘I represent an organisation’.


Someone has already created a page about my project/organisation, can I update it?

Yes. Please contact us: you will be assigned a specific role to edit/modify the page.


Any other questions? Please write at contact@heritageresearch-hub.eu