Cultural heritage is constantly at the centre of violence and criminal activities. Contrasting them involves thousands of players and counts billions of euros per year. Illicit traffic of cultural heritage, for instance, represent the third largest illegal market worldwide.

The Summer School in HERITAGE CRIMES & EMERGENCIES is an entire week fully dedicated to build awareness on such issues, exploring by a mix of lectures and workshops, the current issues and possible tools for acting on cultural heritage in emergency and criminal context, with a specific attention on its economic dimension.

All activities will be online.


Main partners of this initiative are:

And in cooperation with:

  • Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage


The Journal of Cultural Heritage Crime


The course is designed for a mix of civilians, military personnel, NGOs personnel, volunteers, peacekeepers, government authorities, community leaders, cultural sites managers and operators, and, more in general, all the persons with a role in intervening in field operations in armed conflicts or disasters scenarios, as well as those ones operating in the post conflict or post disaster recovery and reconciliation process.

The promoters bear the costs of organizing the initiative, so participation is free (the organization will accept applications up to a maximum number of participants, so early applications are welcome).

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