The 54th edition of Technè will feature a special section entitled “Parures et minéraux”. This section will be curated by Isabelle Bardiès-Fronty (musée national du moyen-âge – thermes de Cluny), Emmanuel Fritsch (Nantes university) and Stéphanie Rossano (Gustave Eiffel university).

Technè was founded in 1994 and has been edited by the C2RMF as a biannual cross-disciplinary scientific publication focussed on the study and on the preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage (excluding the field of Built Heritage). It publishes new and original research through well illustrated articles either in French or in English, and occasionally in Italian, German, or Spanish.

Each issue has both a print and an online edition. The online edition is made available after a 12 months embargo period.

Call for papers:

For the year of mineralogy, which will start in 2022, Technè will explore the theme of the use of minerals for ornamentation from pre-history to more recent use. “Ornament” is used here in its widest sense and includes all ornamentation that adorns or decorates jewels or refinery etc. It is, nevertheless, important for this special edition that the core of any article is on the topic of minerals or their imitations. This 54th edi- tion will also focus on stone, their size and identification as well as their conservation.

The themes for this edition are:

  1. Presentation and history of ornaments: description, their composition, historical or cultural questions posed by these objects, case studies;
  2. From raw materials to the finished object: identification of stones (natural or modified colours) , the origins of the raw materials, distinguishing between real and fake, stone working (took marks), assembly techniques, trade routes, etc.;
  3. New analytical techniques: focusing on non-invasive techniques;
  4. Stones and ancient imitations.

Editorial process:

We ask you kindly to send us by the 30th October 2021 the title, the list of authors, the keywords and/or an abstract or a declaration of intent. The selection of proposals passing the 2nd stage will be done by the 20th November 2021.

The deadline for contributions is 15th March 2022. Please send them to They will be submitted to a double-blind peer review, the result of which will be known late May 2022.

The authors of the selected papers will be kindly required to provide a definitive version of their publication that includes, if any, the modifications suggested by the reviewers. The deadline for this final version will be communicated to the authors by the editorial team.

The expected length of papers published in Technè is between 10,000 and 25,000 characters (space, abstract, footnotes, and bibliography included). The publications can include between 4 to 7 illustrations (colour or black and white photographs, diagrams, graphs). Papers should comply with the following Technè editorial rules.

The papers will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • The original character of the work: the authors must declare to the editorial board if the results presented in the paper have already been published or are intended to be published elsewhere. By submitting a paper, the authors declare that they are rightfully authorized to publish its results.
  • Cross-disciplinarity: preference will be given to papers submitted by teams associating all the partners involved in the work archaeologists, curators, chemists, conservators, etc.).
  • The innovative character of the methodology.
  • The synthetic and critical presentation of the research questions in relation to their broader context (historical, technical, etc.).
  • The quality of writing and illustrations.

Technè does not require a publication fee, nor does it require an exclusive cession of rights and published authors retain the copyrights to their illustrations. Technè is referenced by BibCNRS.

Please contact this special section’s curators or the editors of the Journal for further information:

Isabelle Bardiès-Fronty :
Emmanuel Fritsch :
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