The Religious Heritage Innovator of the Year is a competition launched by FRH, the leading organization for safeguarding European historic places of worship, to highlight outstanding examples of innovation in the field of religious heritage from a technical, procedural and conceptual point of view.

The call for entries runs from 9 May to 31 October and focuses on the theme of sustainability, one of the five pillars of the European Commission’s Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage together with inclusivity, resilience, innovation, and global partnerships. The three categories are:

  • Technical: projects that have developed, improved or used innovative tools such as a new app, software, devices or other technology elements to make religious heritage more sustainable or help it face the struggles of climate change.
  • Procedural: projects that propose a new way of carrying out the work or a certain task in the field of religious cultural heritage (conservation works, research, etc.).
  •  Conceptual: projects, studies or research that introduce a new concept or a new perspective on any topic related to religious heritage.

The application is open from 9 May to 31 October 2022! The winner and four finalists will be announced on 30 November and will be invited to the FRH Biennial Conference from 20 to 22 April 2023. To Apply, please visit the website of FRH.