Project facts

Duration: 2020-10-15 - 2021-09-30
Project coordinator: Massimo Migliorini, LINKS Foundation E-MAIL: TEL: +3901119751558
Project consortium: LINKS ETT ALTEC ALPHA Consult
Funding bodies: European Space Agency
Subject areas: Collections, Digital Heritage, Digitization, Heritage Management, Heritage values - Identity, Monitoring, Museums, Natural Heritage, Tangible Heritage, Technologies - Scientific processes
Contact: Massimo Migliorini, LINKS Foundation E-MAIL: TEL: +3901119751558
Budget: 250.000 Euros


The INVENTA Project aims to explore the potential of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies combined with the 5G network and space technology (in particular Satellite Navigation and Earth Observation), to bring innovation in the Cultural Heritage sector, in particular by strengthening the following aspects:

  1) Fruition, enriching the visit experiences with innovative, three-dimensional, 360 ° immersive, interactive multimedia contents that can be downloaded anywhere on your mobile device;

  2) Accessibility, building visits with interactive guides that can be used remotely, ad-hoc tailored also for the most fragile categories of people including the elderly, disabled people, ill people, hospital patients or people trapped in quarantine by the Covid-19 pandemic;

  3) Sustainability, optimizing the management costs of cultural sites by complementing the physical infrastructures (signs, audio-diffusion systems, monitors, etc.) with AR-based digital components, customizable in real time on the basis of contingent information (crowds, queues, local events, promotions, etc.).

Main Case Study of the Project is the City of Turin, in Italy.

Impacts & Results

INVENTA will create a new way of living the cultural heritage world. The possibility of generating 3D digital content in any place (thanks to the 5G network) and of snapping it to a specific spatial reference context (thanks to space technologies) will produce a wide range of possibilities.

First of all, the tourist visits will be enriched by extremely engaging innovative experiences, based on augmented / virtual reality technologies and made available directly on people's mobile devices.

Secondly, the possibility of a 3D virtual logistics guide capable of retrieving spatial information in real time will significantly increase the economic sustainability of the management processes of cultural sites, reducing the costs of acquiring/installing/maintaining local devices (e.g. audio-guides) and local infrastructures (e.g. signs, monitors), digitally guiding visitors with dedicated real-time updates, announcements of events or time-limited promotions, while regulating their flows and mitigating overcrowding phenomena. Smart services such as free parking guidance will be fully managed through the INVENTA app using satellite technology and Augmented Reality, eliminating any cost for physical installations and of course the environmental footprint, and significantly reducing possible traffic congestion.

INVENTA will strengthen the possibility of accessing and experiencing cultural heritage even remotely, thus making cultural contexts more inclusive for all people, in particular for protected categories (disabled people, hospital patients, elderly, sick) and will make new business models available for museums, able to reach new groups of visitors, breaking down any geographical barrier.

These models will allow not only a more effective response from museums to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, but will also be able to relaunch the role of artists, guides and professionals in cultural heritage sector who will transmit their knowledge by interpreting 3D digital avatars within virtual visiting or other multi-user cultural virtual experiences.