Project facts

Duration: 2023-06-01 - 2026-11-30
Project coordinator: Lunds Universitet
Project consortium: Sure, here's the list with the corrections you requested: Fonden Creative Business Cup; Stichting Nederlands Instituut voorbeeld en Geluid; Technische Universiteit Delft; Creativity Lab OU; MSComm Anonymi Etaireia Diafimistikon Emporikon Ypiresion; Politecnico di Milano; Technopolis Consulting Group Belgium; Idea Strategische Economische Consulting; Suomen Humanistinen Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy Humak; iCoolHunt Spa; Gemeente Rotterdam; Metropolitny Institut Bratislavy; Creative Industry Kosice, NO; Cite du Design-Ecole Superieure d'Art et de Design; New Moment, Podjetje za Komunikacije doo.
Funding bodies: Horizon Europe
Subject areas: Cultural Creative Industries
Budget: 5 987 856,00


The EU Industrial Strategy recognises the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) ecosystem as a significant component of Europe’s economy. The EU-funded ekip project will follow the principles of open innovation to establish a policy recommendation engine, which will be driven by partners and networks. This engine will continuously promote the development and adoption of policy recommendations for CCIs, resulting in support and guidance that enhances the ability of CCI actors to participate in and contribute to complex innovation processes. The engine will assess R&I actions, list policy areas within a meta-network, map the needs of CCIs, investigate prioritised areas comprehensively, identify and propose critical actions, and provide policy recommendations with practical guidelines.

Impacts & Results

We aim to create a strong network of networks across Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) in Europe and beyond, focusing on open innovation. This network will follow open innovation principles, making collaboration, learning, and scaling easier and faster. It will include diverse members and contribute to data collection and policy development. Ultimately, we aim to establish an inclusive pan-European network involving both CCIs and other sectors.