Hi everyone! Museums Up, a series of Podcasts from the ReInHerit project  has just been successfully launched.

Museums Up aims at being a smart tool that allows anyone to explore issues concerning museums and cultural heritage through professionals, who will be interviewed in a direct and informal way by Jaime López from Arte Sostenible, one of the ReInHerit project partners.

Our first podcast episode deals with “Increasing the relevance of museums and Cultural Heritage Sites to attract younger audiences”. Susanne Ådahl, PhD in Social Anthropology and professor at Arcada University in Helsinki, Finland will discuss how we can use intangible heritage to attract young audiences to museums and Cultural Heritage Sites, an interesting question that may help us to better understand the growing relevance of museums in today’s society.

Feel free to listen to this podcast and also at Podcast platforms Spotify, Apple Podcast and soon on Google Podcasts.

Stay tuned for the upcoming podcasts, we will post new episodes every two weeks!