Our mission.

The CSIC Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform Open Heritage: Research and Society (PTI-PAIS, by its acronym in Spanish: Plataforma Temática Interdisciplinar Patrimonio Abierto: Investigación y Sociedad) is an instrument of interdisciplinary research and innovation that addresses the great challenge of conservation, understanding and dissemination of tangible Cultural Heritage. 

PTI-PAIS brings together research groups, heritage conservation and management institutions, educational centres, professional associations and cultural industries which collaborate synergistically to develop joint capacities, acquire new knowledge and adopt innovative solutions focused on a better understanding of Cultural Heritage and its conservation in a sustainable way. As for today, 18 CSIC research groups from different areas of knowledge in the field of Heritage Science and 43 Associated Entities are members of this Platform.

PTI-PAIS is aligned with the research missions of Horizon Europe, with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and with other national and international initiatives, including the European Infraestructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS).

Our Objectives

PTI-PAIS is working on three major Objectives:


Develop high-impact interdisciplinary research to ensure de preservation of tangible Cultural Heritage.
  • Design and synthesis of state-of-the-art materials for restoration and conservation of heritage elements.
  • Non-invasive methodologies for characterization and evaluation of objects of heritage interest.
  • New strategies for conservation, handling and transport of cultural property.
Ensuring access to knowledge on science of tangible Cultural Heritage. 
  • Dissemination actions.
  • Digital means of access to knowledge.
  • Innovative strategies with the use of ICTs and Artificial Intelligence.
Promote the transfer of knowledge and technology to society.
  • New preservation and authentication protocols.
  • Access to high-level technological platforms.
  • Accessible databases.

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