Némesis is a group of researchers and professionals from different backgrounds and institutions, but with a common goal: to advance in a better environment for the protection of cultural heritage in a context of intensive looting. With years of experience researching and acting in this sense, it was necessary to join forces more formally in order to coordinate a better strategy. Although focused mainly on Spain, the association is open to collaboration in the international arena.

The four main lines of action are:

  • Research about looting, illicit trade and cultural heritage management.
  • Promotion of these actions amongst interested parties.
  • Promotion of best practices in the responsible management of cultural heritage.
  • Outreach of the results, fostering a more participative engagement with cultural heritage.

In this sense, since its constitution in 2017, the association has coordinated different actions, from the conduction of research projects or the coordination of publications, to the participation in courses, conferences, or the organization of different outreach activities.

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