The National Heritage Science Forum (NHSF) is a membership organisation and registered charity committed to demonstrating the relevance of heritage science in the UK. We give those involved with heritage science a voice, make them part of a community and work to make heritage science ever more visible, more relevant and better supported.

The NHSF offers a platform for the various organisations, disciplines and fields that make up the heritage science community in the UK to share their expertise, experiences, and research findings. We celebrate their achievements, keep them informed about the latest advances and enable them to feed their perspectives into new initiatives, shaping funding, research and policy.

Our key activities:

  • Coordination – we provide a Strategic Framework for heritage science in the UK.
  • Networking and Collaboration - we encourage collaboration between diverse scientific disciplines. We facilitate knowledge exchange and professional development through seminars, mentoring and other events.
  • Advocacy and Policy – we advocate for the recognition of heritage science within national policies and strategies. We provide briefing notes and offer input on funding priorities and research directions.
  • Research – we support the development of research and innovation infrastructure.
  • Public Engagement - we showcase relevant research through case studies, blogs and social media, raising awareness about the importance of heritage science. We engage the public, highlight pathways to heritage science careers and support early-career individuals.

Photo credit: Matijastrlic via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.