According to the decree relating to its functions, the main mission of the Ministry of Culture is to «make accessible to the greatest number the capital works of humanity and first of all of France».

Access to culture

As such, the Ministry of Culture conducts the policy of safeguarding, protecting and enhancing the cultural heritage in all its components and encourages the creation of works of art and spirit.

It defines, coordinates and evaluates the Government’s policy on the performing arts and the plastic arts.

He is also responsible for architecture policy.

Media and communication

The Ministry of Culture conducts the Government’s media policy. In particular, it ensures the development and dissemination of audiovisual creation and encourages the dissemination of educational and cultural programmes.

It participates, in liaison with the other ministerial departments concerned, in the development and implementation of the Government’s policy on technologies, media and networks used in the field of communication.

Cross-cutting cultural policies

The Department of Culture promotes the development of artistic practices and teachings and contributes, in conjunction with other interested departments, the development of arts and cultural education for children and young adults throughout their training cycles.

In addition, the Ministry participates in the definition and implementation of the Government’s policy in the field of decentralization. Local cultural initiatives are encouraged and links between the State’s cultural policies and those of developed local and regional authorities.

The development of cultural industries and new technologies for the dissemination of cultural creation and heritage is encouraged.

Influence of the culture

In collaboration with other interested departments, the Ministry of Culture implements the actions of the State to ensure the influence in the world of culture, French artistic creation and the Francophonie.

It prepares and implements actions that contribute to the dissemination, use and enrichment of the French language and to the preservation and enhancement of the languages of France.

It also contributes to France’s external cultural action and actions relating to French cultural establishments abroad.

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