Who are we?

Izmir Cultural Heritage Platform is a platform created by non-governmental organizations, institution representatives, academics and researchers working for the survival of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Our aims are as follows; to raise awareness in the fields of cultural heritage and protection, to support active citizenship, to develop cooperation and coordination among institutions, and to provide solutions for needs in the fields of research, documentation and promotion. We operate in Izmir, Turkey, a Mediterranean city with 8,500-year history. Izmir hosts a great treasure with its intangible values as well as archaeological remains, public, religious and civil architectural examples from the civilizations and cultures. 8,500-year history.

Our working areas

In the field of cultural heritage, our platform:

  • Conducts research studies,
  • Organizes trainings, meetings, and symposiums

The Platform prepares Annual Monitoring Reports for the heritage which is in danger of extinction. The Reports are then presented to the relevant institutitons.The Monitoring Reports are prepared every year in order to reflect the current situation on cultural heritage and to put it on the agenda of decision makers in order to protect our values that are at risk of extinction. You can access our Annual Monitoring Report for the year 2022 through this link.

Become a Member

By becoming a member to Izmir Cultural Heritage Plaform, you will be able to:

  • Have quick acces access to cultural heritage experts & regular communication between platform members,
  • Benefit from trainings, meetings and events in the field of cultural heritage,
  • Participate in joint project development & networking,
  • Have easy access to cultural heritage publications (library & digital library),
  • Build a common vision and action strategy for our endangered heritage.