The General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI) is a modern public service responsible for planning and coordinating the implementation of the policy for Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI) in Greece. It supports activities of the research community and the trade and industry bodies through competitive research programmes with an emphasis on both economic growth and social justice. GSRI supervises research centers and technology bodies that possess and promote the know-how necessary for producing knowledge and boosting innovation. Furthermore, it follows EU and international developments related to RTDI and represents Greece in both European Union institutions and international organizations in its areas of competence.

GSRI’s mandate consists in:
•    Drawing up and promoting a comprehensive strategy for research and innovation;
•    Improving the research and innovation performance of Greek enterprises and research and academic bodies, both through institutional interventions and by funding high-quality research projects with a positive effect on the economy and society at large;
•    Supporting and upgrading Research and Innovation infrastructures in sectors of relevance to the Greek economy and society;
•    Exploiting the highly-qualified research staff to generate new employment and reverse the current phenomenon of underemployment or migration of Greek scientists;
•    Transferring and facilitating uptake of innovative technologies by the country’s trade and industry bodies, through targeted use of research outcomes;
•    Supervising and funding research and technology bodies across the country;
•    Supporting initiatives to raise awareness of Greek society on Research and Innovation issues;
•    Representing Greece in EU and OCDE competent institutions, promoting cooperation with other countries and implementing initiatives at international level;
•    Evaluating outcomes of research & innovation project implementation, with a view to adjusting research policy on an ongoing basis.

Photo by Sorin Cicos on Unsplash.

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