The Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Heritage Center is a non-profit institution created in 2019 to preserve, develop and raise awareness of the rich Belarusian-Jewish cultural heritage, to explore the uniqueness of the history of Jews in Belarus and the interconnections and reciprocal influences of these cultures.

One of the Center's main goals is the creation of the Jewish Museum in Belarus as a complete and contemporary platform including a cultural, research and educational center.

The mission of the Center is to affirm the topic of the Jewish heritage of Belarus as a national treasure, to assist the more comprehensive and objective presentation of the Jewish heritage in Belarus within the national and the global context.

The center conducts complex work that includes popularization of the Belarusian-Jewish heritage by organizing various projects and events, developing solutions for the future museum exposition, as well as collaborating with local and foreign experts and organizations.

In its work, the Center adheres to the principles of rethinking and using heritage, developing new forms of its presentation and integration into various fields of activity; being aimed not only at the Jewish community, but at the modern society as a whole; breaking the false cliches and stereotypes;  and practice a multidisciplinary approach: striking the balance in working with the academic environment, specialized organizations and experts, and attracting specialists from other fields, involving the younger generation, using new technologies and opportunities.

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