The second HS Academy-JPI CH event was held on November 14th, 2023, at 3:00 PM (Rome Time Zone). This time, the webinar organized by HS Academy, in collaboration with the JPI-CH, showcased the outcomes of the CONSECH20 project. Ms. Cristiana Lara Nunes, coordinator of CONSECH20, took the lead in presenting the project’s achievements and goals.

CONSECH20, Conservation of 20th-century Concrete Cultural Heritage in Urban Changing Environments, is a European Project supported by the JPI CH Heritage in Changing Environments program from 2019 to 2021.

Ms. Nunes provided insights into the project’s focus on developing innovative approaches for the conservation and protection of 20th-century concrete heritage buildings. These structures pose a unique challenge due to their architectural diversity, experimental use of materials and technologies, and the lack of widespread recognition of their cultural and historical value.

The project concentrates on 20th-century historic concrete constructions, primarily until 1960, with a social interest in fostering connections between people and architectural heritage.

CONSECH20 aims to unlock the potential of 20th-century concrete heritage. It serves as a catalyst for social integration and cultural tourism while contributing to Heritage Science development, bridging humanities and applied sciences. Through innovative approaches, it outlines strategies for participatory monitoring, conservation/restoration, and citizen engagement, ensuring a sustainable and valued future for modern architectural heritage. Additionally, the project will produce tools for inventory and evaluation of damage to heritage concrete buildings, enhancing decision-making processes and reducing costs with interventions.

You can access the recorded session of Ms. Cristiana Lara Nunes’s comprehensive presentation on CONSECH20 on YouTube at the following link: Watch Here.

This event marks the second in a series of webinars organized by HS Academy to showcase JPI CH-funded projects. The next session is scheduled for December 12th, where another project’s impact and results will be analyzed.

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