From an initiative of the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Greek Environment Ministry and the Natural Environment and Climate Change Organization, Greece has now officially submitted a preliminary nomination file to include the area of Mount Olympus in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The house of Zeus and the ancient Hellenic gods, represents not only an epic symbol of Greek culture, but also a rich environment marked by a unique biodiversity. 1,700 species inhabit the area of Olympus, including 25 percent of the country’s flora and 26 endemic plants.

The nomination file, drafted in Greek and English, proposes an innovative management plan for the area, providing new policies and initiatives for the safeguard and preservation of the site, in accordance with its value and importance.

Lina Mendoni, Ministry of Culture, declared: “We are promoting the inclusion of Olympus in UNESCO’s natural landscapes catalogue, thus strengthening the sustainable development of our country,” […] “Olympus offers an ideal combination of nature, mythology and history. It is an internationally recognisable name connected to Greek mythology but also stands out for its precious biodiversity,”.

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee shall analyse and rule on the application file whose final form will be submitted in early 2023 in order to have the results of the candidacy in the summer.

The area of Mount Olympus may soon become the 19th site inscribed in the World Heritage List, supplying major advantages both culturally and economically. If the site will be included the area will gain in tourist turnout while establishing policies for the protection of its biodiversity, making it a successful example of sustainable management.


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Photo by Ben Dumond on Unsplash