This call is seeking applications from individuals or organisations around the concept of improving existing technical data frameworks while at the same time leveraging on existing RDA recommendations and outputs. Successful proposals will focus on maintaining, optimising and documenting existing frameworks with particular reference to RDA’s Outputs and Recommendations. Special attention will be given to mapping out how to reimplement the frameworks in the context of EOSC and make relevant documentation available. Proposals are expected to detail a future vision, for example of how the community will build future iterations so that future communities can easily operationalise the frameworks.

Successful applications should consider existing implementation scenarios and whether further documentation is needed, for example:  Is the guidance up to date, and ready to operationalise; what communities can be involved to update it; are they aligned to new emerging standards, global or European. The aim is to leverage on community resources and review the existing processes for implementation.


RDA is running a series of calls, in the context of the EOSC Future project, to further enable integration and take up of EOSC services. The purpose of these RDA Open Calls is to engage the community from a bottom up approach to contribute their know-how to EOSC. The purpose of these grants is to enable communities outside of EOSC to leverage EOSC services. This first call iteration specifically targets small projects to show implementation and take up. It aims to support and encourage examples of adoption of existing RDA recommendations and outputs which can benefit the community around EOSC and to promote examples and lessons learnt.

The scope is wide-ranging and projects should be short, and focused for a period of three months.

To learn more or apply for the grant, please visit the website of EOSC.