With EUR 650.000 from the Creative Europe MEDIA programme, the EU is steering the standardisation of carbon footprint measurement in the audiovisual sector by building a common calculator.

The awarded project will develop a measurement methodology and set up an online tool to measure the CO2 emissions of audiovisual productions, based on common data and calculation rules. The calculator will be available free of charge for users across the EU, widening access to a set of minimum standards.

The tool will be hosted in the Commissions’ ec.europa.eu domain and work both as a stand-alone tool and as a plug-in for existing calculators.

The service contract will last a maximum 48 months, until end of 2026, coinciding with the end of the Creative Europe 2021-2027 programme.

How to submit a tender?

Tenders are to be submitted exclusively via the eSubmission application by 18 July 2023, according to the instructions indicated in the Invitation letter and the eSubmission Quick Guide.

Why develop a calculator at EU level?

A variety of emissions measurement systems and green labels have emerged across Europe in the last years. While these initiatives reveal a strong industry engagement to become more sustainable, the scope is generally limited to national markets. Different parameters hinder the use of existing calculators across the European Union, notably for co-productions. A common methodology, free for users, will allow comparability and encourage uptake, thereby helping to build a common approach to the greening of the sector.

Who will benefit from this tool?

The calculator will be particularly useful for producers of films and TV series, audiovisual sustainability officers, crew members in charge of CO2 measurement and film funds, in particular for European co-productions. The results will also be feed into policymaking for the greening of the sector.


In line with its EU objective of climate-neutrality by 2050, the European Commission has committed to collaborate closely with the film and audiovisual industry and (sub) national funds, with the objective of sharing existing best practices and agreeing on common tools and green standards. The Commission’s Media and Audiovisual Action Plan published in 2020 included a specific action for the greening of the audiovisual ecosystem (action 6 – Towards a climate-neutral media sector).

Against this background, the Commission undertook a stakeholders’ dialogue on greening the audiovisual sector in June 2021, gathering audiovisual professionals and representatives from the public sector. Participants agreed on the need to take actions to reduce carbon emissions, starting by carbon emissions’ measurement. This resulted in a common statement, published in February 2022, in favour of a unified measurement methodology of carbon emissions.