The Cultural Heritage, Society and Ethics joint call (JPI CH  CHSE) aims at furthering the understanding of the relationship between cultural heritage – tangible, intangible, digital and natural – and major societal issues through transnational research projects. Applicants are invited to keep an eye on this webpage for the updated information.

As part of the Joint Programming Initiative Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPI CH), the ANR and several other funding agencies, supported by the Fondation des Sciences du Patrimoine (FSP), are launching a transnational research call on “Cultural Heritage, Society and Ethics”. 

JPI CH CHSE funded projects should explore the relationship between these three notions from a Social Sciences and Humanities perspective, thus being able to address current conceptual frameworks and facilitating the emergence of new ones. They should create conditions for new ways of engagement and dialogue between disciplines and stakeholders; study what the impact of these new ways in varied cultural contexts. Applicants are encouraged to adopt multi- and trans-disciplinary methodologies and approaches. Research proposals must address at least one, and if possible both, of the two following themes (please consult the call text for further details):

  • Cultural Heritage and economic development. This theme explores the tensions between how cultural heritage can contribute to the development of sustainable experience-based economies without being put at risk and, concomitantly, how the non-utilitarian value of cultural heritage can be promoted in the context of its growing commercialisation.
  • Cultural Heritage and sustainable strategies. This theme explores the relationship between cultural heritage, democratic values and politics in a historical perspective, with a particular emphasis on the proliferation of conflicting narratives resulting from the use and misuse of cultural heritage, and the contribution of cultural heritage to sustainable and ethical behaviours and policies.

Budget and Participating Countries

For this call, 5 270 000 euros is made available to researchers by funding organisations based in the following countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, The Kingdom of the Netherlands, Norway, Romania (confirmation pending)*, Spain, United Kingdom who can jointly submit a proposal. Prospective research applicants are invited to consult national eligibility criteria in the call text.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The minimum duration of funded projects is 24 months (2 years) and their maximum duration is 36 months (3 years).
  • All research project proposals must involve a minimum of three Principal Investigators/partners based in eligible institutions in participating countries.
  • A maximum of five Principal Investigators/partners may participate in each project proposal.
  • At least one stakeholder must be involved as an Associate Partner to strengthen the impact and societal relevance of the project.
  • Applications must meet the eligibility criteria and budgetary requirements of the funding organisations they wish to seek funding from.
  • All documents must be submitted in English.

Important Call Documents

Info Event and Matchmaking

The JPI CH CHSE Joint Call has been kicked off by an online Info Session on 8 March and you can watch the replay below. To further the support in creating or consolidating transnational research consortia that meet the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, and in fostering networking, particularly for Early Career Researchers, the JPI CH CHSE call secretariat created an online Matchmaking Platform dedicated to the exchange. You can already visit and explore the platform now and more instructions on how to use it has have been presented during the Info Session.


This call consists in two steps: consortium building and pre-proposal submission (stage 1) and full proposal development and submission (stage 2). Please read the call text for further details.

Stage 1
8 March 2022: opening of the pre-proposal submission portal
23 May 2022, 3pm CEST: deadline for submitting pre-proposals

Stage 2
7 June 2022: opening of the full proposal submission portal
5 September 2022, 3pm CEST: deadline for submitting full proposals

Further Information

ANR Contact Point: Benjamin Konnert, Scientific Project Officer (

JPI CH: Shangyun Shen, Communication Manager (


The Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPI CH or JPI Cultural Heritage) was created in 2010 based on an instrument launched by the European Commission. It is a member-state-driven initiative bringing together national research funding organisations, ministries, and research councils from Europe to address societal challenges in the European Research Area (ERA) frame. With the objective to promote the safeguarding of cultural heritage in its broader sense through better-coordinated research and innovation, JPI CH brings together 17 member countries and has funded more than 50 research projects through six thematic calls over the years.

*Please note that UEFISCDI’s participation as a funding organisation in this call is not confirmed yet. Applicants based in Romania and applicants who envisage forming a research consortium with partners based in Romania are invited to seek advice from their funding organizations’ representatives (see contact details at Annex A of the Call text). In the meantime, the call secretariat advises all applicants considering to form a consortium with a partner based in Romania to prepare contingency plans whereby the partner based in Romania participates in the research project as a Cooperation Partner (according to the modalities set at section 3.2.4 of the call text) instead of as Project Leader/Principal Investigator. Please note that, should UEFISCDI definitely withdraw from this call, such a consortium would still need to involve at least three partners from three different participating countries (i.e. excluding Romania).