This conference, organised in the context of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, aims to enhance the integration of SSAH disciplines into policymaking processes to address urgent and complex societal challenges in a more efficient and human-centric way for the benefit of scientists, policymakers, citizens and industry.

The conference aims specifically to:

  • Facilitate discussions on multidisciplinary evidence production, professionalization – notably through relevant skilling and due rewarding and career incentives – of all actors involved in evidence-informed policymaking (EIPM) ecosystems and innovation in the science-for-policy practices and organisation.
  • Bring together 150+ participants, including international experts and practitioners, to generate recommendations for improving the EIPM ecosystem and make it more integrative of the diversity of expertise provided by SSAH disciplines.
  • Produce a policy brief capturing the conference outcomes for wide dissemination – and further implementation – among relevant communities.
  • Align with EU initiatives to strengthen EIPM ecosystems and contribute to current and future relevant partnerships and actions within Horizon Europe.
  • Benefit member states involved in capacity-building efforts for evidence-informed policymaking post-pandemic, notably but not exclusively in Belgium.

More information on the programme and registration is available on the conference’s webpage.