Icon’s Modern Materials Network and Care of Collections Group are pleased to be hosting a one-day online conference on the topic of object couriering and collections care in the virtual age

In our recent joint panel on virtual couriering, we posed the question of how we might utilise technology to save valuable funds and reduce an institution’s carbon footprint, all while maintaining the same level of collection care as in-person couriers.

In recognition of the wide-ranging answers to this question, we are seeking abstract submissions from individuals and organisations to further develop this conversation and contribute to the creation of overarching standards in virtual conservation. Presentations will be 20-25 minutes and will be recorded for future reference. We are hoping to publish papers as post-prints.

Presentation topics might include:

  • Virtual couriering case studies
  • Lessons learned (What went right? What went wrong?)
  • Creative ways of communicating between borrower and lender
  • New forms of documentation
  • Risk management
  • The evolution of collections care policy in response to an increasingly virtual world

Submission guidelines:

  • Abstract submissions  should include:

o    Title of presentation

o    Author(s) and affiliated institutions (if applicable)

o    Presentation summary (max. 300 words)

  • Please submit your abstracts as an email attachment (Word document or PDF) to bothIconMMN@gmail.com and CCG_events@outlook.com
  • Deadline for abstract submissions: Monday, 31st May 2021 at 17:00 BST

Abstracts will be reviewed by a selection committee, with decision emails sent to authors on Friday, 4th June 2021.

For more information, please visit the website of the Institute of Conservation.