The Conference focuses on studying the Franciscan Observance network to define an “atlas” of documentation and knowledge for the conservation, protection, and promotion of this scattered Cultural Heritage.

The Conference will be held in Assisi (PG), Italy, on May 11-13th, 2023.


1_ History and Theory of the Franciscan Observance

Historical research; archive search; hagiographies, the evolution of the Order in relation to the territory and architecture, architecture history, art history and theology.

2_ Digital Survey and documentation of Cultural Heritage​​

Laser-scanner surveys, photogrammetry, 3D modelling, survey and representation of Cultural Heritage, digital data-sheet census and diagnostic analysis.

3_ Landscapes and territories: new tools and strategies​​

GIS, historical geography, cartography, land use, vegetation, landscape analysis, census, GPS and complex databases.

4_ Dissemination and promotion of Cultural Heritage in the digital era

restoration projects, cultural tourism, VR/AR/MXR, cultural routes, museum systems and 3D printing.


For more information, please visit the website of the F-ATLAS Conference.