#DismantlePreservation is back July 26-30, 2021! This year’s unconference works to continue pushing cultural resource conversations in a range of directions and features current students/recent graduates from around the world!

There are: 5 panel discussions, 20+ lightning talks, a documentary screening, AND an interesting variety of poster presentations! Click here to register! + there is still space for poster presentations, click here submit your idea!

Explore the #DismantlePreservation event line up by clicking on the links below and see who is presenting on what day!

July 26 July 27 July 28July 29 July 30Poster Presentations

In lieu of registration fees, #DismantlePreservation asks for you to please donate to one (or more) of the following charities/fundraisers: 

Suggested donation is $10/per day you attend. Unable to donate? Sign up for a newsletter! Follow the organizations on social media! Share the initiative with your friends! Support these organizations in whatever way you can.

This year’s Dismantle Preservation was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Alphawood Foundation, Museum Hack, and Ilene & Norman Tyler.

#DismantlePreservation Highlights:

Email me@sarahmarsom.com with any questions. For more information please consult it here.