The international seminar is part of the European project “F-ATLAS”, which aims to study the Italian-Spanish-Portuguese Franciscan Observance network, in order to define an “Atlas” of documentation and knowledge for conservation, protection and promotion of this scattered Cultural Heritage. The remote location of these buildings and their connection with the surrounding landscape and territory instances the issue of peripheral and abandoned areas and contributes to defining a map of criticalities.

The international seminar includes five online meetings (via Google Meet), that will provide for a theoretical part, a practical one – to be carried out by the students at home, and two public conferences with a wider audience.

The topics will be related to the historical context of the Franciscan Observance between Italy, Portugal and Spain, to digital survey techniques, to Cultural Heritage analysis methodologies, to 3D modelling and Digital Fabrication, to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for the valorisation of Cultural Heritage, to diagnostic and conservation of Cultural Heritage.

If you are interested in participating in the international seminar, please send us an email ( before the 5th of March (confirmation of acceptance will arrive by the 8th of March) with:

– Your full name

– Your identification number

– Your short CV

– Why you are interested in attending this seminar (150 words max)

Agenda of the Event