The Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute Berlin promotes ethics as an innovative and economically productive force in business. We promote ethical principles in industry and politics, and entrepreneurial skills for people engaged in cultural activity. Our inspiration comes from the intersection between different disciplines and sectors, combining existing concepts to generate outstanding new ideas (Medici effect). These ideas can only be implemented properly and sustainably if students and trainees and interested members of the public have free access to information.

To this end, we hold international, interdisciplinary conferences bringing together eminent academics, exemplary entrepreneurs and committed men and women from all walks of life. These speakers pursue their commitment with expertise and passion. We record their contributions and post them on ceberlin, the YouTube channel of the Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute. We produce ethical focused digital content for business and human life and support gendered innovation.

Ethical principles and democratic values – the European Union’s fundamental values – are independent of religion and serve our common good. They need a voice. Ethics are an inexhaustible resource that ensure certain and lasting returns for human society and for the environment. Ethics are the foundation of digital and ecological prosperity, enabling us and future generations to lead a good life and unleashing a global renaissance.

For more information, please visit the website of Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute Berlin.