CHeriScape is a landscape-focussed network funded within the European Joint Programming Initiative for Cultural Heritage. Project members come from a wide range of landscape and heritage-related disciplines and areas of practice. You can find more about it here – CheriScape.
Following previous conferences in (Ghent, July 2014; Amersfoort, November 2014; Oslo, May 2015 and Madrid, September 2015) the CHeriScape network’s final conference will provide discussion space for exploring the synergy of landscape and heritage and what in combination they can contribute to science and public policy.
Like all CheriScape conferences, the Newcastle conference will feature presentations from experts and formal interactive discussion sessions, including discussion on a wide range of poster presentations. This fifth conference, however, will also involve a range of innovative creative and performative work, as CHeriScape turns its gaze inwards and forwards, and connects landscape and heritage to the creative and visual arts and virtual imagination.

We want to inform you that the registrations are still open and can be done at the registration webpage. Please also find a new announcement for the conference here.