The post-pandemic global landscape offers new opportunities and challenges to the cultural sector. Internationalization and digitization give us novel ways to build communities, to create and share knowledge, and to decolonize and diversify cultural management and policy. At the same time, our increasingly complex world demands that we develop innovative approaches to engagement, collaboration and communication in the realm of culture and creativity.

The 2022 ENCATC Congress invites researchers, educators, policy makers, cultural managers, and artists to join a global conversation about internationalization in the contemporary world. How can we utilise the potential of transnational cooperation, within Europe and beyond?How can we take advantage of digitization to develop new ways of learning and teaching? How can we promote sustainability and resilience in our policy and practice? How can creative leadership work to decolonize the cultural sector at a local and international level?

Key topics include:

  • Developing new approaches to cultural management and policy in global networks.
  • Decolonizing and diversifying internationalization.
  • Creation and management of digital communities – inclusion, trust-building, and technologies as enablers or inhibitors of engagement.
  • Cultural and creative institutions as multipliers for international co-operation.
  • Policy actions, perspectives and practical experiences in international cooperation.
  • Citizens’ and stakeholders’ role in internationalization processes.
  • Artists and creative workers and their role in internationalization.

The ENCATC Congress on Cultural Management and Policy is a global gathering dedicated to the advancement of theory, education, research and practice in cultural management and policy. It has become the cornerstone in the annual calendar of the cultural management and cultural policy community. Each year, educators and researchers with cross-disciplinary interests connect with professionals, policy makers, artists and students. Together they work to address pressing issues, explore ground-breaking innovations, bridge the knowledge gap, promote research esteem and the evolution of pedagogy, and encourage steps to ensure significant improvements in the industry.

In 2022, we celebrate ENCATC’s 30th anniversary. The occasion marks three decades of development, representation, advocation and promotion of excellence in cultural management and policy across an international network. We will take this opportunity to:

  • Reflect on 30 years of networking in Europe and beyond, while looking to the future of the sector in an increasingly complex world.
  • Consider innovative ways in which cultural networks build communities of knowledge and practice.
  • Develop cultural networks’ strategies to become more environmentally sustainable, inclusive, and equitable.
  • Imagine new possibilities for knowledge sharing and relationship building through international ‘networks of networks’.

To learn more, please visit the conference website.