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Call Facts

Opening date: 26th April 2023
Closing date: 8th September 2023
Organisation in charge of the call: French National Research Agency (ANR); The Dutch Research Council (NWO)
Contact: cultural-heritage-climate-2023@anr.fr; cch@nwo.nl
Budget: 17M

Presentation of the call

This Call is jointly organised between the Joint Programming Initiatives Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPI CH) and Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe (JPI Climate) and the Belmont Forum. The Call aims to support transdisciplinary and convergent research approaches on cultural heritage and climate change, to foster collaboration among the research community across several regions, and to contribute to knowledge advances and policy change at the global level.

Interested and eligible applicants are expected to submit the research proposal on Belmont Forum Grant Operations (BFgo) website. Please carefully review the call documents on the platform when preparing a proposal.


Climate change is having an increasing and lasting impact on our environment and society. This is the context within which cultural heritage - tangible and intangible - is threatened by well-known, new and more extreme risks. Researchers have already been investigating the impacts of climate change on the environment, on social systems and on the economy, however, as cultural heritage becomes more vulnerable, there is still much to be done to complement existing findings, engage societies in heritage discussions, and improve the degree of resilience, in order to inform the development of robust prevention and adaptation policies and strategies.

Yet, while cultural heritage is acknowledged as being more urgently challenged by climate change, global agreements, such as the 2015 Paris Agreement, the 2022 Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework and the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also acknowledge the potential of cultural heritage to play an active role in the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient future. It is vital that research further explores how to make cultural heritage a readily available resource for climate mitigation, adaptation and for sustainable development.

The call will address three complimentary themes:

  1. The Impact of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage;
  2. Cultural Heritage as a Resource for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation;
  3. Sustainable Solutions for Heritage.

The 16 proposals recommended for funding, in alphabetical order, are:

Acronym Full Name Countries
Adaptation Traditions and Climate Change Biocultural adaptation of resource management traditions under the effects of climate change CH, US, UK
AGREE Advancing Cultural Heritage Governance for Resilient Climate Adaptation IT, NO, UK
ARCA Biocultural Heritage in Arctic Cities: Resource for Climate Adaptation? AT, FR, NO, US
ATLAS Studying symbiotic scenarios linking Heritage assets and green areas to prepare Historic Cities to face Climate Changes FR, IT, ES
Coastal TALES Telling Adaptations; Living Environmental Stories for Coastal Resilience IE, US, UK
CuHeMo Cultural Heritage in Motion: Indigenous Knowledge and Mobile Livelihoods in Changing Climates AT, NL, TH
FIRECULT Wildfire Resilient Cultural Heritage IE, IT, TR, US, UK
Pasture Adaptation Mitigation and Adaptation in Cultural Heritage Landscapes: Lessons from Transhumant Pastoral Systems for Managing Novel Climate Risks FR, NO, ES, CH, US
REFRESH WateR cyclE For RESilient Heritage BE, FR, IT, UK
RETRACE ResilienceS to climate risks: lessons from arctic and pacific communities FR, NO, US
ReVerDi Real Versus Digital: Sustainability optimization for cultural heritage preservation in national libraries NL, CH, UK
SASCHA Multiscale approaches and scalability within climate change--heritage risk assessments IT, NO, US, UK
SCENTinel Climate Changes and Scent Heritage: The Urgent Need for Capturing and Preserving Olfactory Landscapes in a Changing World CZ, IT, NO
SEA-CCHange Socio-Ecological Archiving: Coastal Communities' Heritage in times of climate change IE, NL, UK
SUSTHERIT Transformative urban heritage. Strategies for a sustainable European historic housing stock. AT, CZ, FR, UK
WRENCH Whispers of Time: Heritage as Narratives of Climate-Change IT, ES, TR, UK

Funding institutions & partners

Austrian Research Promotion Agency on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic
French National Research Agency
Ministry of Universities and Research
Research Council of Lithuania
Dutch Research Council
Research Council of Norway
Agencia Estatal de Investigacion
Swiss National Science Foundation
Arts and Humanities Research Council
National Science Foundation
Belgian Science Policy Office
The Scientific and Technological Research Council
Irish Environmental Protection Agency
National Research Council of Thailand