Project facts

Duration: 2020-01-01 - 2023-04-30
Project coordinator: Cultural Landscape Research Group (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain).
Project consortium: GESYP (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain) and ADAPTA (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain).
Funding bodies: V Regional Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation, Comunidad de Madrid. Activities Programs on Social Sciences and Humanities, 2019.
Subject areas: Changing environments, Conservation, Cultural Landscapes, Ecology, Heritage Management, Heritage values - Identity, Intangible Heritage, Methods - Procedures, Natural Heritage, Rural Heritage, Sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals, Tangible Heritage, Technologies - Scientific processes, Tourism, Urban Heritage
Budget: 209.300€


This program of research activities outlined here tackles questions of theoretical, methodological and applied research to better the knowledge and preservation of landscapes. It focuses on the Madrid metropolitan region as a field of study. The LabPA-CM program of activities pursues seven interrelated objectives:

  1. To advance in geomatic methods for digital landscape documentation.
  2. To implement techniques for transdisciplinary landscape research.
  3. To develop methods of landscape interpretation through its historical representations.
  4. To characterize the landscape heritage of Madrid metropolitan region.
  5. To develop conservation guidelines for different types of landscapes.
  6. To face relationship problems between rural landscapes, territorial development, tourism and leisure.
  7. To promote actions in internationalization, training and awareness-raising.

Impacts & Results

The expected results include:

  • Methodological resources to face the tasks of knowing and managing landscapes.
  • A typological classification, adapted to European guidelines, of everyday landscapes in the Madrid metropolitan region.
  • Well documented case studies to analyze landscape changes.
  • New approaches to data documentation, interpretation and modeling to assess future developments and political impacts on landscapes focusing especially on phenomena affecting various types of landscapes in the Madrid metropolitan region.
  • Guidelines for the management of heritage values in landscapes sensitive to various environmental and social contexts.